Meet our Hosts!



Curtis Bender

A graduate of Central Washington University, Curtis received a bachelors degree majoring in History, with a minor in Military Science in 2012. While enjoying all aspects of history, Curtis’ primary area of interest is in 19th Century Western culture. Along with an interest in history, he has acquired the morbid and curious hobby of collecting the unique and beautiful remains of mammals, from a llama skull to a bear’s baculum, and everything in between. His home is a menagerie of death contrasted by flourishing house plants and works of art. By being a co-host of Horrific History, Curtis hopes to bring the strange and bizarre aspects of history to the everyday listener who might be too intimidated to either ask or research it themselves.

Eric Slyter

Eric was the weird kid in your grade school class who always perked up when the other kids were saying, “gross!” Fascinated with horror and the macabre from his earliest memories, his lifelong interest in the arts and humanities never strayed very far from his gruesome roots. A graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle, even his artwork regularly featured monsters of some kind. A lover of medieval history in particular, he is a practitioner of historical European martial arts, and brings his knowledge of arms, armour and period combat to schools, libraries and museums throughout the Pacific Northwest with “Knights of Veritas.” His devotion to historical accuracy in particular feeds his passion as a co-host of “Horrific History,” where he hopes to excite the weird kid in everyone with those nasty details that are usually glossed over in history books.